About Me


Hey !

My name is Diptanu chakraborty and I am a software engineer with a passion for building web applications. I have a strong background in web development and have a good understanding of the latest technologies. I am currently working as a Freelancer and providing various services in affordable price.

I was born and raised in Agartala, Tripura, India, and completed my education there. Following high school, I pursued a btech in computer science and engineering. I had the best days at college because I was doing and learning about things that I was always interested in.

Though there were fewer practical industry ready skills taught in the curriculum, I was interested in learning things that would help me get a job or become industry ready. I learned the majority of my skills during that time period through online resources, and my eagerness to learn new things made it possible.

I joined Cognizant Technology as an Engineer trainee after graduation and left after four months to carry out my plans. I will share my experience with it soon.

Web Development - From the start, web development piqued my interest, and I was hooked. I first learned how to create static websites before moving on to dynamic ones. Then I learned Laravel to create full stack applications, which sparked my curiosity in learning more and exploring more. After that, I switched to using react because of its exciting new features that allow websites to load extremely quickly. I recently used Jamstack architecture to create a dynamic website with multiple third-party software as service providers.I know wordpress and worked on various projects based on wordpress during my internship days.

Graphics design - I use various graphics design softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator and others to create logos, posters, digitize drawings, vectorized things, website assets, and so on.

Music production - Music production has always been a hobby of mine. KSHMR has always been an inspiration to me when it comes to edm (electronic dance music). I arrange music and sound. process voiceovers, generate voice overs for videos using artificial intelligence voice, and much more

Video editing - i have a passion of video editing. I have experience in editing short films and documentaries. I have also worked on series of projects under KALPADRUMA PRODUCTIONS.