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Test your typing speed for free with Diptanu Chakraborty's 1-minute typing speed test web app. Find out how fast you can type in just 60 seconds!

Discover your typing speed with the free 1-minute typing speed test web app developed by Diptanu Chakraborty. Whether you're a seasoned typist looking to gauge your speed or a beginner aiming to improve, this web app offers a quick and easy way to assess your typing skills.


The 1-minute typing speed test is a fun and engaging way to measure how many words you can type accurately within a minute. Simply start the test, type the given text as quickly and accurately as possible, and the web app will calculate your words per minute (WPM) score.


Developed using the latest web technologies, this web app provides a seamless and responsive user experience. It is optimized for performance on all devices, allowing you to take the typing speed test anytime, anywhere.


Start your typing speed test now with Diptanu Chakraborty's free 1-minute typing speed test web app and see how you stack up against others.


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Last updated at - 03/15/2024